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Tree & Shrub Care

Tree & Shrub Fertilization

All living things need air, water and food. Fertilization promotes a strong, vigorous root system and improves the overall health and appearance of your trees and shrubs. A well fed plant is much more likely to resist and/or recover from damage due to cold temperatures, wind, drought stress, insects and disease attack than an underfed plant.

A-Perm-O-Green Lawn uses a high quality, slow release fertilizer custom blended to our specifications with soil conditioners for smaller shrubs and bedding plants. For larger shrubs and planted trees we blend our own unique formulation of fertilizer with root stimulation and soil conditioners for injection to the root zone of the plants.

Insects and Disease Control on Trees and Shrubs

Don’t allow insects and diseases to feast on your landscape. Throughout the year there are a variety of insects and diseases that attack your plants causing damage and stress that can harm their overall health and appearance. A-Perm-O-Green Lawn offers insect and disease control on trees and shrubs. This program consists of three sprayings during the year. We use a combination of insecticide and fungicide in two of the applications and spray oils on the third application.

The program is designed to control fungal diseases and insects such as powdery mildew, leaf spot fungus, scale, white flies, lace bugs, aphids, etc. Don’t risk the health of your beautiful trees and shrubs through neglect or inadequate care. Your landscape is an investment worth protecting.

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A-Perm-O-Green Lawn Guarantee

A-Perm-O-Green Lawn warrants every lawn application so long as a conscientious maintenance program (watering and mowing) is provided by the homeowner. The purpose of each application is to help the homeowner maintain a healthy, attractive lawn. While we cannot make your lawn immune to disease or pest, remember, a healthy lawn will recover more rapidly from disease or pest damage.

Additional applications may at times be necessary to help maintain the health of your lawn. Noticeable improvement generally is noted after a couple of weeks following the application. If you have any concerns about the effectiveness of any application, please call to schedule a respray at no additional charge. You must notify A-Perm-O-Green Lawn within 30 days of your last application to qualify for this warranty.


"I can’t say enough about the outstanding performance and customer care given to me by Mike and Becky and their entire staff @ A-Perm-O-Green Lawn. My lawn, once disseminated by a poor fertilizer and watering program, is now beautiful, lush, green and most importantly, healthy thanks to the talents and service this terrific service company. I can’t recommend them more highly."