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Comprehensive Approach to Lawn and Landscape Management

At A-Perm-O-Green Lawn we understand the importance that a lush, thick, green lawn provides to the value of your home and the reflection it has on your neighborhood. For over 35 years we have helped homeowners like you maintain a beautiful, healthy lawn.

Six Application Lawn Program

Our process begins with a thorough evaluation of your lawn and landscape by our licensed, professional technicians. We then provide a six application program specifically designed and scheduled to meet the changing needs and challenges that lawns will experience throughout the year. The program includes the following five components:

• Nutrition. In order to meet the nutritional needs of the lawn, through years of experience we have created our own custom blended fertilizer mixtures that consist of the highest quality fertilizer components.

• Insect and Disease Control. We incorporate into our lawn care program insect and disease control to eliminate or minimize the effects caused by lawn damaging pests such as chinch bugs and brown patch fungus.

• Weed Control. Weeds can be a nuisance and are usually a product of their environment. The best defense against weeds is a healthy turf; however, at times weed control is necessary. A-Perm-O-Green Lawn will incorporate post- and pre-emergent weed control as needed.

• Education. Education is a critical component in successful lawn and landscape management. We work with our clients providing information on specific ways to enhance and improve the growing environment. This includes watering and maintenance guidelines that best fit the season and the particular needs of your lawn and landscape.

• Communication. Communication is another key component in building a relationship with our clients that insures their lawn and landscape necessities are met. We provide a newsletter with each application and are available to answer your questions. Our phones are personally answered during office hours and voice messages and e-mail responses are promptly returned.

We personally build a relationship with our customers that focuses on all aspects of creating and developing a healthy growing environment. A beautiful lawn is our business, and we treat yours like our own. Call today for your Free Lawn and Landscape Analysis. Relax and let us do the work!

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A-Perm-O-Green Lawn Guarantee

A-Perm-O-Green Lawn warrants every lawn application so long as a conscientious maintenance program (watering and mowing) is provided by the homeowner. The purpose of each application is to help the homeowner maintain a healthy, attractive lawn. While we cannot make your lawn immune to disease or pest, remember, a healthy lawn will recover more rapidly from disease or pest damage.

Additional applications may at times be necessary to help maintain the health of your lawn. Noticeable improvement generally is noted after a couple of weeks following the application. If you have any concerns about the effectiveness of any application, please call to schedule a respray at no additional charge. You must notify A-Perm-O-Green Lawn within 30 days of your last application to qualify for this warranty.


"Michael and Becky are absolutely wonderful people and run a terrific business. They will ALWAYS, ALWAYS provide you with excellent service whatever you may need."