We Are Not Exclusive in Who We Serve, We Are Exclusive in How We Serve

A-Perm-O-Green Lawn has been providing our customers with the highest quality products and exceptional service since 1977. Our lawn and plant care programs are designed to provide the proper nutrition and pest control at the right time. Our unique, custom blended formulations have been developed over years of experience.

A-Perm-O-Green Lawn prides itself on building and providing old fashion customer care with an attention to detail. Our goal is to provide our customers with proper nutritional and pest control needs for your lawn and landscape and assist them in creating a good growing environment. We believe in educating our customers on proper watering and maintenance practices which are essential tools in developing and maintaining a healthy, beautiful landscape.

Our staff is comprised of highly trained, licensed professionals that have built a reputation of outstanding service for over 35 years. We are family owned and operated. We have enjoyed years of growth generated primarily from customer referrals. A-Perm-O-Green Lawn services are backed by our longstanding company guarantee.

Our goal is to provide quality lawn and plant care solutions that exceed our client’s expectations and improve the overall health, beauty and development of their lawn and landscape. We are not exclusive in who we serve, we are exclusive in how we serve our customers.

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A-Perm-O-Green Lawn Guarantee

A-Perm-O-Green Lawn warrants every lawn application so long as a conscientious maintenance program (watering and mowing) is provided by the homeowner. The purpose of each application is to help the homeowner maintain a healthy, attractive lawn. While we cannot make your lawn immune to disease or pest, remember, a healthy lawn will recover more rapidly from disease or pest damage.

Additional applications may at times be necessary to help maintain the health of your lawn. Noticeable improvement generally is noted after a couple of weeks following the application. If you have any concerns about the effectiveness of any application, please call to schedule a respray at no additional charge. You must notify A-Perm-O-Green Lawn within 30 days of your last application to qualify for this warranty.


"Seven years after purchasing our new home in 1973 we were still trying to establish a good St. Augustine lawn. Fighting brown patch, fungus, chinch bugs, when to fertilize etc. we knew we needed help. I saw a yard being sprayed in the neighborhood so I stopped and talked with the person spraying. Thirty four years later we are still with A-Perm-O-Green Lawn and people ask, 'How do you keep your yard looking so good?' We are glad to recommend A-Perm-O- Green Lawn!"

--Doug & Kay

"Becky, we just want to let you know how pleased we are with our yard this season. After the move last summer and the condition of the yard, we did not expect things to progress so quickly. Joe and his team do an excellent job with the lawn, tree, and shrubs. We wish we had before-and-after pics, but our yard looks amazing. Kudos to all y'all do."

--Harold & Lou

"I want to thank you for the great job you have done in getting my lawn back to green and FULL. Two years ago it looked like a bare cow pasture. Thank you on a job well done."